hackney carriage meaning in Hindi

hackney carriage sentence in Hindi
किराये की कार

hackney:    घोड़ा किराये का
carriage:    सवारी डिब्बा ढोना
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  1. It aimed to put mobile telephones in Hackney Carriages, but was unsuccessful.
  2. These soon replaced the hackney carriage as a vehicle for hire.
  3. The better-off used hackney carriages and sedan chairs to get to their destinations without getting filthy.
  4. As to Hackney carriages, odd . . . wouldn't the wealthy own a carriage of their own?
  5. Chelmsford hackney carriage taxis can be flagged down by members of the public anywhere within the city.
  6. In London the famed " Hackney Carriage " taxi has long since been powered by a diesel engine.
  7. Scenes include a hackney carriage journey, self-realisation, scornful glances in a mirror and wandering an old 1930s house.
  8. They proved popular as they were cheaper, smoother, roomier and safer than the competing Omnibus or Hackney carriages.
  9. In 1865 transport from Herne Bay was available by " fly "  a type of one-horse hackney carriage.
  10. First time dual hackney carriage or private hire licence applicants must pass a local knowledge and Highway Code test.
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  1. a carriage for hire

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