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  1. The government of Prime Minister Bertie Ahern deregulated the industry in 1999 and issued cheap new licenses to hackney cab firms.
  2. The shortfall can be measured by the number of hackney cabs, taxis available only via telephone, said John Evans, an economist with the Irish Competition Authority.
  3. A man, seeing her distress from a window, helped the inexperienced Princess find a hackney cab, in which she was conveyed to her mother's house.
  4. It was a 1960 Ford Consul Mark II that was the taxi that American singer Eddie Cochran died in, and not, as many have stated, a London Hackney Cab.
  5. Next, Rob Coombes drives a Hackney cab to the end of a road, indicating in wait to turn out onto the main road and waiting for a double decker bus to get out of his way.
  6. However, John Dryden accused Blackmore of plagiarizing the idea of an epic on Arthur from him and called him a " Pedant, Canting Preacher, and a Quack " whose poetry had the rhythm of wagon wheels because Blackmore wrote in hackney cabs on his way between patients ( prologue to " The Pilgrim " ( 1700 ) ).
  7. As he had extensive correspondence with Prince Edward, Duke of Kent and Strathearn, Glasse most likely planned for the cottage to be acquired by a member of the royal family or the literati of the time, many of whom spent time in the nearby mansions of Chiswick, St Martin's Le Grand, he realised that he had left the entire sum in the hackney cab that had brought him there, and hanged himself at the Inn on 30 October 1809, predeceasing his father by 3 years.

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