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  1. But it isn't a text file that you can just hack around.
  2. Barry's strong-willed talent, compared with the hacks around her, jumps across the footlights.
  3. When the school day at Oak Grove High in San Jose is over, Sean Sharma hacks around on a computer.
  4. They don't do that at the Masters, but it's done on the links where mortals hack around if everyone agrees.
  5. I'll hack around with it some more; eventually & mdash; by experimentation or by luck & mdash; I'll get it to work.
  6. The plan is to make him a stable pony who will accompany other horses to the post or just hack around the barn.
  7. When I was researching this, I did see some others who had to hack around the problem ( usually by providing media = " screen, projection " on everything ).
  8. "I hack around, and I walk in the press room and tell them,'Yeah, I can still play,'and I don't know whether I believe that or not half the time, " he said.
  9. Right now, Simpson doesn't seem to do much more than hack around the golf course, visit the sick in hospitals, talk and joke crudely about sex, and bicker with his 20-something female companion, who says she is finally convinced that he didn't murder Nicole.

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