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• गाइडबुक
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  1. Connecting with the Quito of guidebook fame was just too troublesome.
  2. Store shelves are teeming with guidebooks devoted solely to recommending accommodations.
  3. As the guidebook field flourishes, topics become ever more specialized.
  4. Peruse or buy an up-to-date cruise guidebook.
  5. For one, guidebooks aren't updated weekly or monthly.
  6. Guidebooks and other travel-related tomes make ideal stocking stuffers.
  7. College guidebooks are an invaluable source of information for the formula.
  8. A good guidebook usually provides insight into individual nations'policies.
  9. Then there is the proliferation of guidebooks on local bookstore shelves.
  10. Work is theater, a section in the workshop guidebook says.
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  1. something that offers basic information or instruction

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