guide bearing meaning in Hindi

guide bearing sentence in Hindi

• गाइड बेयरिंग
guide:    राह बताने वाला
bearing:    आचरण चाल छबि ढंग
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  1. Some of them buy custom-printed versions of the guides bearing their names.
  2. Tour groups marched around behind guides bearing pennants and children flew colorful kites.
  3. Nina and Tim Zagat enjoy a meal at Brandywine restaurant in Woodland Hills, Calif . They now produce 70 restaurant guides bearing their name.
  4. Other means of guiding the machine include the template guide bushing secured in the base around the router cutter, or router cutters with built-in guide bearings.
  5. So how did this " official " guide bearing the endorsement of a company that specializes in auctioning ancient automobiles for big wads of money, ever come to list " officially"

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