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• निर्देशन सेवाएं
guidance:    अनुशासन निदेशन
services:    कार्य सेवाएँ
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  1. The matrix Standard is an independent quality standard for information, advice and guidance services.
  2. One of the ways SEPA does this is through the NetRegs environmental guidance service.
  3. He is author of " The Self-Esteem Teacher " ( American Guidance Service, 1991 ).
  4. Brooks is author of " The Self-Esteem Teacher " ( American Guidance Service, 1991 ).
  5. However, the Sisters up to the present time retained the Christian Formation Program and Guidance Services.
  6. JGA's Careers Services is accredited with matrix, the quality standard for information advice and guidance services.
  7. The website also runs a live investor guidance service, and comprehensive updates on the stock markets.
  8. Before criticizing Gore, Bush toured Vocational Guidance Services and met with several people who have significant disabilities.
  9. Other disadvantages included lack of learning materials, inadequate secondary school preparation and no counseling and guidance service.
  10. He became a faculty supervisor at the Psychoanalytic Institute New York Counseling and Guidance Services in 1987.
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