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guardian spirit sentence in Hindi

• अधिष्‍ठातृ देवता
• रक्षक देवता
guardian:    निगहबान रक्षक
spirit:    विचारधारा आत्मा
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  1. :Haiji is Hazuki's guardian spirit who takes the form of a cat.
  2. They also include a rare effigy of the Algonkian guardian spirit, Mesingw.
  3. In Kyoto there are temples dedicated to each of these guardian spirits.
  4. Nomi is a cute cat guardian spirit that came out from the Black.
  5. Places, not just people, could possess a guardian spirit of genius.
  6. The weyekin would protect one from harm and become a personal guardian spirit.
  7. She claims that her guardian spirit is a tall, light man called Virgil.
  8. Some species are viewed by Native Hawaiians as sacred guardian spirits.
  9. And there were many lesser animal spirits which served as personal guardian spirits.
  10. Each river, hill, stream, rock, tree and shrub is animated by a guardian spirit.
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  1. an angel believed to have special affection for a particular individual
    synonyms:guardian angel

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