ground level meaning in Hindi

ground level sentence in Hindi
• आधार स्तर
• बुनियादी स्तर

• आधार
• भूमि तल
• भूमि तल भौमजल तल
• भूमितल
• भौभजल तल
ground:    सज़ा देना भूतल
level:    सापेक्षिक स्तर
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  1. I would remove large branches at ground level if they are declining.
  2. Extending below ground level, the churches are ringed with trenches and courtyards.
  3. The floor on the ground level was still warm from the conflagration.
  4. They are carved below ground level and ringed with trenches and courtyards.
  5. Projected out to ground level, the distance would be about 502 feet.
  6. The prohibited air space extends from ground level to 18, 000 feet.
  7. Then rake or shovel off the silt to the previous ground level.
  8. In the original forests, most fires bolted through quickly at ground level.
  9. Defense lawyers sit at ground level and enter and leave with spectators.
  10. The floor on the ground level was still warm from the flames.
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  1. the floor of a building that is at or nearest to the level of the ground around the building
  2. the height of the ground on which something stands; "the base of the tower was below grade"

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