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  1. Most common " relative " gravimeters are spring based.
  2. Absolute gravimeters measure the local gravity in absolute units, gals.
  3. There are two types of gravimeters : relative and absolute.
  4. Relative gravimeters compare the value of gravity at one point with another.
  5. Researchers use more sophisticated gravimeters when precise measurements are needed.
  6. This is counteracted in the gravimeter by integral vibration isolation and signal processing.
  7. A perfected gravimeter, hanging in a'swing', was designed.
  8. A Gravimeter can be both portable and very sensitive.
  9. The gravitational field intensity is measured using the gravimeter.
  10. Apollo 17 was the only Apollo lunar landing mission to carry the Traverse Gravimeter Experiment.
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  1. a measuring instrument for measuring variations in the gravitational field of the earth
  2. a measuring instrument for determining the specific gravity of a liquid or solid

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