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• सम पार
• लेवेल क्रोसींग

• समपार
grade:    पदवी वर्ग श्रेणी
crossing:    पारगमन रेखन
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  1. At the grade crossing, Train 659 was approaching on the western track.
  2. The Graham Line has no grade crossings, a rarity on the Erie.
  3. In addition, grade crossings received additional protective hardware, including flashers and gates.
  4. Many grade crossings were eliminated and heavily travelled lines were refurbished.
  5. The Dallas rail system incorporates at-grade crossings, tunnels and elevated sections.
  6. Grade crossing safety is an issue as well for the nation's freight railroads.
  7. The next station on the line is Parsippany located at a grade crossing.
  8. The eastbound connection passed under the City Subway to avoid a grade crossing.
  9. More broadly, there is an urgent need to survey the nation's grade crossings.
  10. In 1911, the railroad raised its tracks to eliminate grade crossings.
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  1. intersection of a railway and a road on the same level; barriers close road when trains pass

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