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• परिपाटी
• वर्गीकरण
• श्रेणी
• श्रेणीकरण
• कोटि निर्धारण
• तल संतुलन
• परंपरा
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  1. Digital capabilities would allow even finer gradations, the makers say.
  2. The rating agencies added levels of gradation to their rating systems.
  3. These gradations were originally calculated by Fran�ois Tourte, discussed below.
  4. One can obtain gradation of brightness that is really magical . 
  5. One of the more important processes is the characteristic consonant gradation.
  6. By its use, gradations and half tones can be produced.
  7. It promotes up-gradation of settlements with inadequate basic services.
  8. All gradations occur between hogbacks, homoclinal ridges, and cuestas.
  9. Gradation correlates with the appearance of extra length on a syllable.
  10. The commander had under him a gradation of Subedars and Jamadars.
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