grace note meaning in Hindi

grace note sentence in Hindi
• अनुग्रह-टिप्पणी

• कण स्वर
• गमक विशेष
grace:    सभ्यता अनुग्रह
note:    शब्द छोटी चिठ्ठी
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  1. A frequent misconception is that grace notes and ghost notes are synonymous.
  2. Who could imagine how desperately the city would need its grace notes?
  3. Knowing without being smarmy, Fleming and Mahin added arpeggios of grace notes.
  4. For Rouse, the beauty of the music is in the grace notes.
  5. The heart-rending grace notes in " To Kill a Mockingbird ."
  6. He also strikes eerie grace notes in the assemblages of angels.
  7. I also believe that User : Grace Note may support this.
  8. Each character, however, can sing at least one unanticipated grace note.
  9. The century is ending without a grace note, but with plenty of choice.
  10. The exercise does not exclude a few grace notes of pathos.
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  1. an embellishing note usually written in smaller size

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