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government:    अधिकार अन्वय
account:    विवरण कारण
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  1. Liberian government accounts of the fighting could not be independently confirmed.
  2. Statements by Archbishop Hector Gonzalez Martinez appeared to accept the government account.
  3. He said Tuesday there was only dlrs 2 million in government accounts.
  4. Liberian government accounts of the fighting cannot be independently confirmed.
  5. A more detailed Georgian government account was released later on August 30.
  6. According to the official government account, Marine Cpl.
  7. Public government accounts have long said 30 people were killed in the assault.
  8. Government accounts for close to 40 percent of the city's economy.
  9. Diplomats attending Tuesday's government briefings were skeptical of the government account.
  10. Government accounts for 8 % of all US workers.
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