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  1. Astonishingly, Brendsel will walk away with a $ 24 million golden handshake.
  2. Even the " golden handshake " appears to be suffering from deflation.
  3. "We are considering a better settlement than a golden handshake, " he said.
  4. In fact, Bonn is getting a golden handshake from the government.
  5. In July Clive Sinclair resigned with a ?0, 000 golden handshake.
  6. Some, rather than go through retraining, would rather retire and take the golden handshake,
  7. Companies are rethinking the secrecy that once surrounded the planning of these golden handshakes.
  8. Cuffe also declined comment on the huge golden handshake.
  9. "Despite the golden handshake and verbal agreements, nothing is in black and white, " he says.
  10. The 49ers didn't invent the golden handshake, but at least in the NFL, they surely perfected it.


  1. a lucrative severance agreement offered to an employee (usually as an incentive to retire)

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