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  1. In 1981, she opened her store in Santa Fe, the Golden Eye.
  2. He apparently exists as a single golden eye characterized by a slit-like iris.
  3. "I like playing Golden Eye, " he said, referring to a computer game.
  4. The head is valentine-shaped, with large, compound golden eyes sometimes banded with red.
  5. The great golden eyes slide closed in pleasure as that attention is received.
  6. Kestrel is the opposite, with long, golden hair and golden eyes.
  7. After the huge success of his first Agent 007 movie, " Golden Eye,"
  8. Like the natives of Tevar, she is light-skinned with golden eyes.
  9. The golden eyes theme was also used in print advertising.
  10. The most prized colour is milk white, with a pink nose and golden eye.
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