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  1. The golden eagle is a protected species, but not a threatened one.
  2. I watched a redtail hawk attack a golden eagle, driving it away.
  3. Golden eagles are protected species, but they are not threatened with extinction.
  4. But the Golden Eagles have long been settled on their new starter.
  5. The Golden Eagles will face Kansas next Saturday in the Final Four.
  6. In Jos?Fern�ndez and Takeshi Yamasaki of the Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles.
  7. His primary focus will be on player development with the Golden Eagles.
  8. In that period the Golden Eagles have never had a losing season.
  9. Come meet a bald and a golden eagle in the Victorian gardens.
  10. Golden eagle nesting sites are found on the slopes of Mount Hamilton.


  1. large eagle of mountainous regions of the northern hemisphere having a golden-brown head and neck

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