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golden:    चमकीला प्रसन्न
beryl:    फीरोजा लहसुनिया
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  1. When Tiffany wanted superb golden beryl for its jewelry, the company found it in the mine here, too.
  2. They include a 7, 000 carat faceted egg of rock crystal; a cut golden beryl of over 2, 054 carats.
  3. During tunnel, subway and skyscraper excavations, they've unearthed sparkling mineral crystals, some of them clear-colored and precious, including blue-green aquamarines, chunks of smoky quartz, golden beryl, topaz, black tourmalines and wine-red garnets.
  4. His work can been seen in the jewelry boxes of his wife and daughters as well as in the Smithsonian Institution, which has a 7, 000-carat quartz egg, which is about the size of a baseball, and a 2, 054-carat golden beryl, among others stones he cut, in its collection.

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