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छल से लूट लेना
धोखा देना
छल से लूट लेना
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  1. Some estimate goldbricking costs employers $ 1 billion a year in computer resources.
  2. Instances of goldbricking have increased markedly since broadband Internet connections became commonplace in workplaces.
  3. It has since received a favorable mention in Tasty Bits from the Technology Front ( tbtf . com ), perused daily by millions of geeks goldbricking on company time.
  4. I blame all of them, and every other goldbricking ghoul who traded the red blood of Ronald Goldman and Nicole Brown Simpson for the greenbacks of book deals and movie contracts.
  5. While he and Major West repeatedly clashed over his goldbricking, or because of some villainy he had perpetrated, the Robot was usually the preferred victim of his barbed and acerbic wit.
  6. I was goldbricking at home earlier this week when the word arrived : On his 22nd move, Weld had resigned the Bean v . Gov . Weld Texas Death / Chess by Fax match.
  7. Of Rutland's reluctance in the days before the NCAA opener to test his knee in practice, Odom noted, " When I was in college, we called it goldbricking ."
  8. Goldbricking became a mainstream topic when Yahoo ! announced in late February 2013 that it was banning the practice of telecommuting because it discovered its remote employees were not logging into the corporate VPN often enough.
  9. Many workers, he contends, are dissatisfied with work ( as evidenced by absenteeism, goldbricking, embezzlement and sabotage ), so that what he says should be uncontroversial; however, it is controversial only because people are too close to the work-system to see its flaws.
  10. Other names, some of which are confined to certain regions and eras, include " dogging it ", " goldbricking ", " hanging it out ", or " malingering "; workers may call it " getting through the day " or " preventing management from abusing us ".
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