gold braid meaning in Hindi

gold braid sentence in Hindi
gold:    धन पैसा रुपया
braid:    चुन्नट चोटी तह
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  1. A hooded cloak was lavishly trimmed with gold braid and beads.
  2. The cap for consular use had silver instead of gold braid.
  3. Battledress khaki and gold braid were appliqu�d onto the panels.
  4. Branch is denoted by coloured cloth between the gold braid.
  5. Generals wear an inner piping of gold braid; other officers wear silver piping.
  6. We dismissed him as an empty uniform with lots of fancy gold braid on top.
  7. With gold braids on his red military jacket, he looks more like Sergeant Pepper.
  8. Rank was indicated in gold braid on the lower sleeve and white gloves were worn.
  9. Much absorbed with gold braid and bluster.
  10. Short cut a dapper figure in his dress uniform with thick gold braid on the cuffs.

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