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  1. Bloom's depression led him to the study of gnosticism.
  2. Bloom contrasts self-affirming gnosticism with Christian self-abnegation.
  3. Amebix were also interested in various forms of mysticism and Gnosticism.
  4. He also studied the roles of gnosticism and mysticism in science.
  5. He is best known for his multi-volume gnosticism series.
  6. Adherents of gnosticism were most numerous during the second and third centuries.
  7. In Gnosticism, Sariel is invoked for his protective powers.
  8. Yamauchi is written several books and essays on ancient gnosticism.
  9. The lyrics contain various references to Aleister Crowley, Kabbalah and gnosticism.
  10. In this respect the opposition to Gnosticism led to a reactionary movement.
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