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  1. We need to encourage glasnost in the art world, too.
  2. Welcome to post-glasnost art from behind the Iron Curtain.
  3. Gorbachev maintained that perestroika without glasnost was doomed to failure anyway.
  4. There is no glasnost in the selection of proposals from advertising agencies,
  5. In 1987, with glasnost in the air, permission finally came.
  6. Hale-Bopp and hardwood glasnost in the same year.
  7. We need to encourage glasnost in the art world too.
  8. Gorbachev instituted policies of glasnost, perestroika, and acceleration.
  9. This dates from the 1980s when the cafe was previously named Glasnost.
  10. The protesters called for Mongolia to adopt perestroika and glasnost.


  1. a policy of the Soviet government allowing freer discussion of social problems

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