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  1. They believe the car may have glanced off the Fiat before crashing.
  2. It glanced off his glove and into shallow center for two runs.
  3. As a result, it just glanced off a piece of submerged ice.
  4. Walker was hit by an off-speed pitch that glanced off his helmet.
  5. The ball hit Lo Duca's helmet before glancing off his left cheek.
  6. The hammer will be less likely to glance off the striking surface.
  7. Janikowski's kick was tipped at the line and glanced off the crossbar.
  8. The ball glanced off Appier's shoulder and hit him in the face.
  9. It glanced off it and hit him in the left eye.
  10. The book is frustratingly hard to summarize because it keeps glancing off course.

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