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  1. The glaciated upper valley of the Pushawati is U-shaped.
  2. The peninsula is very mountainous, culminating in several glaciated summits.
  3. Calabozos lies in an extremely remote area of poorly glaciated mountains.
  4. Llullaillaco may not have been glaciated at all during the Pleistocene.
  5. Glaciated terrain is not the only site of hanging streams and valleys.
  6. It is surrounded by the Chugach Mountains, which are heavily glaciated.
  7. The lower slopes of the mountain have never been glaciated.
  8. Between 80 and 90 percent of the land area is permanently glaciated.
  9. Via the Muskingum and glaciated and unglaciated portions of the Allegheny Plateau.
  10. The river gorge drops as low as below the surrounding glaciated peaks.
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