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  1. The glacial drift is at an elevation of neaerly above sea level.
  2. The creek's channel is sinuous and flows through sandstone and glacial drift.
  3. They consist of glacial drift, with till being the most common constituent.
  4. The middle two-thirds of the Kobuk River, from just above glacial drift.
  5. The valley floor is made from glacial drift tails and moraine.
  6. There are glacial drift deposits at the headwaters of the creek.
  7. This is overlain with quaternary glacial drift comprising sand, gravel and boulder clay.
  8. In its upper reaches, the stream flows over glacial drift in a buried valley.
  9. In some reaches, the creek flows through bottom lands and swamps in glacial drift.
  10. These deposits consist chiefly of materials eroded from glacial drifts.

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