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• विकास
• वृद्ध
• अंकुरण
• उद्भेद
• पनपना
• फुटाव
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  1. Then, a little water will seep in and stimulate germination.
  2. What it does is slow down crop germination and early development.
  3. Taller blades block the light needed to ensure weed seed germination.
  4. I have excellent germination results _ in fact, too good.
  5. Germination may occur in three weeks or more at room temperature.
  6. One that gardeners will soon experience is the magic of germination.
  7. Check frequently for signs of germination, then remove the boards.
  8. The seeds germination is conditioned by the presence of specific fungi.
  9. However, it requires adequate moisture for germination and early growth.
  10. During germination, the tube cell elongates into a pollen tube.
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  1. the origin of some development; "the germination of their discontent"
  2. the process whereby seeds or spores sprout and begin to grow

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