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  1. Gentian Marku recalled . " He knew all the probabilities ."
  2. The French liqueur Americano ap�ritifs contain gentian root for bitter flavoring.
  3. La Leche League recommends gentian violet for thrush on the nipple.
  4. The root is sometimes used in the manufacture of gentian bitters.
  5. As Nan leaves, Kay and Gentian's father returns.
  6. Later came gentian root, nutmeg, quinine and cloves . ..
  7. Americano uses gentian root as the primary ingredient for flavoring and bitterness.
  8. A number of superstitions are associated with the Spring Gentian.
  9. Members of the Gentian Line are named after flowering plants.
  10. Another non-prescription treatment of candidia is gentian violet.
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  1. any of various plants of the family Gentianaceae especially the genera Gentiana and Gentianella and Gentianopsis

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