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साधारण स्वीकृति
सामान्य सकार
सामान्य स्वीकृति
general:    अविशेषक जनरल
acceptance:    अनुमोदन परिग्रह
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  1. There's general acceptance that this is part of Croatia, " he said.
  2. Larson s work has not received general acceptance by the scientific community.
  3. It was eventually replaced outright with the general acceptance of the'universal tank'idea.
  4. I think there is general acceptance that we have to move on.
  5. Utamaro has gained general acceptance as one of the form's greatest masters.
  6. He filled the office, with general acceptance, until 1811, when his health failed.
  7. Pacemakers did not gain general acceptance in the United States until the mid-1960s.
  8. This volume led to Crabbe's general acceptance as an important poet.
  9. QED thus won physicists'general acceptance . and called for an aether.
  10. It's still there, but the local name never won general acceptance.
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