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सामान्य योग्यता
general:    अविशेषक जनरल
ability:    अधिकार कौशल
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  1. General abilities are pass-fail ( like Athletics, Driving, or Shooting ).
  2. A spend for a general ability can be as high as that ability's pool.
  3. I tell them about his general abilities and decision-making abilities, and I think people understand it.
  4. Considerable evidence shows ancient mastery of context-sensitive grammars, and a general ability to solve many complex problems.
  5. In addition to these, an English enrichment group and a general abilities group may also be formed.
  6. Other theorists believe that intelligence is a general ability that is translatable from one field to another.
  7. These tests do not factor in the experiential and cultural knowledge or general ability of the students.
  8. The higher order factor stability expresses a person's general ability to maintain stable relationships, motivation and emotional states.
  9. Spent pool points from general abilities are refreshed between scenarios, though special circumstances can refresh some points during play.
  10. Completely radical to the Hotchkiss guns, the Puteaux failed in reliability, simplicity, and the general ability to perform credibly.
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