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  1. As a genealogist, Hasbrouck looked beyond his own family history.
  2. Some genealogists resent the fact that Broderbund charges for the CDs.
  3. Not all the stories black genealogists draw from slavery are painful.
  4. She is an artist and genealogist, and has written books.
  5. The surname " de Beaumont " is given him by genealogists.
  6. In England, the Society of Genealogists has a large collection.
  7. Genealogists also differ in the names on the line of descent.
  8. This claim was proven false in 2016 by genealogist Dale Sheldon.
  9. Genealogists believe this male ancestor to be John Punch the African.
  10. Sack is the only genealogist listed in Jewish Women in America.
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  1. an expert in genealogy

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