gear cluster meaning in Hindi

gear cluster sentence in Hindi

gear:    औजार कपड़े गियर भूल
cluster:    झुण्ड झुरमुट भीड़
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  1. Posters and jerseys featured a rooster crowing at the sunrise formed by a bicycle gear cluster over rolling green hills.
  2. Boeing Co . of Ridley Park won a $ 931, 216 contract from the U . S . Navy in Philadelphia for gear clusters.
  3. For gearboxes in general, gear clusters mounted on a layshaft may either turn freely on a fixed shaft, or may be part of a shaft that then rotates in bearings.
  4. Hodaka was also a producer of machine tools and it has been said they borrowed the concept of one of their quick-change gear clusters in one of their metalworking lathes to construct the shift mechanism in the Hodaka gearbox, with the resulting spring-loaded shifting mechanism being patented.
  5. Douglas was more than a simple assembly plant for parts imported from Piaggio; many of the models made by Douglas had a high percentage of content manufactured by Douglas ( " eg cylinder heads, gear clusters, brake drums and other mechanical parts " ) or by UK supply companies ( " eg seats, carburetors, tyres, and some electrical components were made in the UK " ).

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