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• अशिष्टता
• फूहड़पन
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  1. Sally is the personification of well-meaning American gaucherie in the postwar era.
  2. To say people were disgusted at the Sun's gaucherie is to understate the reaction.
  3. It's like a Mozart or Edison, whose occasional gaucherie we excuse because of his great gifts ".
  4. It remains one of the prodigies of nature and can ignore the gaucherie of its setting like a fine-cut diamond in a cheap plastic ring.
  5. Another important shared interest, one that must have made up for much of Van Vechten's racial gaucherie, was his endless enthusiasm for Hughes'writing.
  6. In contrast to Ms . Caldwell's stylish outfit, the students in " Master Class " are dressed to reveal their youthful gaucherie, which Ms . Greenwood spoofs with wry amusement.
  7. In the interests of those who might otherwise stumble into gaucherie, here's a short list of matters that, in respect to the victims of the sniper, must not be brought up in polite conversation.
  8. The processions of animals, typical of earlier examples, or humans derive from the Near East and Mediterranean, and Nancy Sandars finds the style shows " a " gaucherie " that betrays the artist working in a way that is uncongenial, too much at variance with the temper of the craftsmen and the craft ".
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  1. a socially awkward or tactless act
    synonyms:faux pas, gaffe, solecism, slip
  2. the quality of being rustic or gauche

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