game bird meaning in Hindi

game bird sentence in Hindi
शिकार पक्षी
शिकार की हुई चिड़िया
game:    शिकार हंसी आखेट
bird:    चिड़िया पक्षी
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  1. They hunted mountain goat, marmot, game birds and more in the forests.
  2. I like little game birds, like partridges and quail, flamed in marc.
  3. New Zealand has also issued Game Bird Habitat stamps annually since 1994.
  4. All game birds and game mammals with open seasons may be hunted.
  5. Larger sizes are used for hunting larger upland game birds and waterfowl.
  6. Paintings of game birds by Robin Hill hang in the Cabinet Room.
  7. Macaws and wading birds are very abundant, as are the game birds.
  8. Game birds found here include turkeys, pheasants, Canada geese and mourning doves.
  9. The act still covers the protection of game birds to this day.
  10. Bacon is defined as any of certain barding roasts, especially game birds.
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  1. any bird (as grouse or pheasant) that is hunted for sport

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