game animal meaning in Hindi

game animal sentence in Hindi

आखेट जंतु
game:    शिकार हंसी आखेट
animal:    प्राणी व्यक्ति
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  1. It can be used successfully on smaller game animals, and for self-defense.
  2. The Cusabo also hunted game animals and sold the meat to colonists.
  3. Mobile wildlife species like game animals, birds, and predators leave these areas.
  4. But, he said, " Some people are very into game animals ."
  5. Today, most game animals are raised on farms or in game preserves.
  6. It is a popular game animal due to its highly regarded meat.
  7. However, game animals such as elk and deer will simply run away.
  8. White-tailed deer are the No . 1 big-game animals in North America.
  9. The Creator was responsible for game animals, while Flint created predators and disease.
  10. A process of man-made deforestation that began in the browsing by game animals.
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