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गैमबरेल छत
गैम्बरेल छत
roof:    तालू पटल मेहराब
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  1. Elizabeth and her husband Isaac built a 2.5 story gambrel roof home.
  2. The doorway is in a projecting bay with a low gambrel roof.
  3. It is constructed of native fieldstone and has a half gambrel roof.
  4. It had a sectional, three pitched gambrel roof topped by a cupola.
  5. A gambrel roof overhangs the fa�ade, whereas a mansard normally does not.
  6. Partnership is a three-bay wide brick construction house with a gambrel roof.
  7. The architectural style is " Dutch Colonial " with a gambrel roof.
  8. It is topped by a three-pitch gambrel roof and a twelve-sided cupola.
  9. The-story wood-frame house features a gambrel roof with a cross gable gambrel section.
  10. It is a 2.5 story Georgian house with a gambrel roof.
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  1. a gable roof with two slopes on each side and the lower slope being steeper

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