galley meaning in Hindi

[ 'gæli ] sound:
galley sentence in Hindi
छापने के अक्षर बैठाने का तख्ता
लम्बी नाव जो लग्गियों से खेई जाती है

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  1. The New Del Mar will have a galley that seats 25.
  2. To accommodate that, final editing was done from bound galleys.
  3. They hustled the trays to the galley and I stowed them.
  4. But, like Smehlik, Galley fired the puck too high.
  5. I obliged through clenched teeth and headed back to the galley.
  6. Together, mother and daughter again pushed at the metal galley.
  7. Sitting in the galley was a cross-section of Yugoslavia.
  8. Looking around the galley, Kelly shakes her head in amazement.
  9. Garry Galley had a chance to save the Kings from themselves.
  10. Galley moved into the slot virtually untouched by the Dallas defense.
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  1. the area for food preparation on a ship
    synonyms:, ,
  2. the kitchen area for food preparation on an airliner
  3. (classical antiquity) a crescent-shaped seagoing vessel propelled by oars
  4. a large medieval vessel with a single deck propelled by sails and oars with guns at stern and prow; a complement of 1,000 men; used mainly in the Mediterranean for war and trading

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