fuze setter meaning in Hindi

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• फ्यूज योजित्र
• फ्यूज सेटर
fuze:    गलाना जोड़ना
setter:    कम्पोजीटर
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  1. Some offered a go / no-go functional test through the fuze setter.
  2. They also had automatic fuze setters.
  3. These have been superseded by induction fuze setters that do not require physical contact with the fuze.
  4. Later versions introduced induction fuze setting and testing instead of physically placing a fuze setter on the fuze.
  5. A great improvement in 1942 was the introduction of Machine Fuze Setter No . 11, on Mounting Mk.
  6. The Mk IIC mounting enabled fully automatic engagements, apart from putting shells into the feed to the machine fuze setter.
  7. This is done just before firing using either a wrench or a fuze setter pre-set to the required fuze length.
  8. The projectile is placed nose down in one of three Fuze Setter Mechanisms ( commonly called fuze pots ) on the mount.
  9. ;Fuze setter : Single Mount Fuze-setting Indicator RegulatorHe operates the equipment which sets the fuze time on projectiles with mechanical time fuzes.
  10. If the man is delivering a projectile with a mechanical time fuze, he then spins a hand crank just in front of that fuze setter mechanism.
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