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• फ्यूजी
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  1. Its fusee steps have been Grade II listed since November 2000.
  2. La fusee chinoise est en route pour son orbite programme
  3. Many keywind watch movements make use of a fusee, to improve isochronism.
  4. At first the fusee cord was made of gut, or sometimes wire.
  5. The fusee was a much more lasting idea.
  6. As it is wound, the fusee chain rises toward the top of the fusee.
  7. As it is wound, the fusee chain rises toward the top of the fusee.
  8. As the fusee turns, the projection catches on the blade, preventing further winding.
  9. Fusees became standard in all watches, and were used until the early 19th century.
  10. It also removed the fusee and its chain and then began using the cylinder escapement.
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  1. any igniter that is used to initiate the burning of a propellant
    synonyms:fuse, fuze, fuzee, primer, priming
  2. a friction match with a large head that will stay alight in the wind
  3. a colored flare used as a warning signal by trucks and trains
  4. a spirally grooved spindle in a clock that counteracts the diminishing power of the uncoiling mainspring
    synonyms:fusee drive

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