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  1. Patricia Bardon sings the title role with a furiousness appropriate to Handel's chosen text.
  2. You don't want to look at it, the furiousness of the responsibility of it.
  3. Glass'music was a huge draw by then _ particularly at the academy, which had staged his first two operas, " Einstein on the Beach " and " Satyagraha " _ and the furiousness of its detractors in the classical music mainstream gave it a hip patina.
  4. His usage of language above is highly questionable as well, such as " extreme POV pushing ", " most horrendously biased article ", " The furiousness of the ownership, edit warring, POV-pushing, etc ., seems to have scared off most editors ", " a gang of rabid POV-pushers ".
  5. Cooper furthers this point by suggesting : " Jesse's been convinced by Tulip to go back on the road and find this man, who he feels is responsible for the breakup of their relationship, and the death of the security guard . " to which he then adds, " It reaches a point with Jessie where the balance is tipped and you can see the furiousness of his past come out . " Cooper concludes by making mention of Custer's scene with Donnie, wherein Cooper remarks, " When you are looking for signs you find signs, it's a sign.

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