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  1. Yet, my mind is getting a little fuddled ."
  2. This quickly became known as the  fuddle duddle incident.
  3. Mont Tremblant Resort has a ski run named Fuddle Duddle.
  4. Kaduffleblaze versus Fuddle in 19-aught-18.
  5. I am new to CSS and am trying to fuddle my way through.
  6. A fuddled drunkard is not going to get the better of a sober woman ".
  7. A fuddle is a small, informal party, where guests share food and drink.
  8. It stars Jennifer Saunders as Granny Fuddle, Dawn French as the Cook and grandson Guy.
  9. Tshabalala-Msimang's fuddled perspective on the disease may stem from Mbeki's comments.
  10. Other popular Trudeauisms frequently used are " just watch me ", the " Fuddle Duddle ".
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