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  1. Cold statistics bore out the fruitlessness of the Japanese attack.
  2. The episode demonstrated to both Scotland and England the fruitlessness of their struggles.
  3. Taking his cue from Morris, Tarantino acknowledges the fruitlessness of traditional linear narrative.
  4. But Mourning's removal does not completely explain the team's fruitlessness.
  5. Indeed, the team's postseasons of fruitlessness date to the administration of Woodrow Wilson.
  6. Like McCartney, Starr has come to realize the fruitlessness of avoiding Beatles references in his music.
  7. In an interview with The Associated Press at the time, Starr recognized the fruitlessness of distancing himself.
  8. His greatest trial was neither starvation nor physical sufferings, but the fruitlessness of the soil he had to cultivate.
  9. Songlian, already in agony due to the fruitlessness of her life, witnesses the entire episode and is emotionally traumatized.
  10. Convinced at last what was fruitlessness of his company, General Ramos decided to order a withdrawal, which took place on midnight of that day.

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