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  1. The person lands backwards or frontwards, depending on the spin.
  2. Other parks operate one side frontwards and one side backwards.
  3. Everyone else on South Second drives in frontward.
  4. Sit frontward, sideways or backward; the saddle shape keeps legs comfortably apart.
  5. We skated as fast as we could frontward and backward, getting into pileups.
  6. The alliance's frontward soldiers dived for a series of ditches and gullies.
  7. Flip to the inside cover, and the flasher is turned frontward in fetching bra and panties.
  8. But the baseball cap, worn sideways, frontward or backward, is still a good option for both sexes.
  9. Ajamulambi Mala ( garland ), right lower hand exposed frontward in Abhaymudra while upper left holding the Shudarshan Chakra.
  10. Not so much frontwards, but the running he did backwards, putting pressure on the tendon, is very encouraging,
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