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  1. Seven players per side advance the Frisbee by passing it upfield.
  2. Unlike golf, Frisbee tossing is not an offical lunar sport.
  3. Nothing spoils a great game of Frisbee like heavy arterial bleeding.
  4. We have too many line drives going into people playing frisbee.
  5. My favorite was the guy with the Frisbee and the dog.
  6. Then, they began to meet for lunch and play Frisbee.
  7. The next year it was refined and reintroduced as the Frisbee.
  8. The mushroom has a sharp smell and resembles a flexible Frisbee.
  9. People throw the Frisbee on a normal day, drink beer.
  10. I felt the Frisbee had some kind of a spirit involved,
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