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  1. Great spearwort, " Ranunculus lingua ", a rarity in north-east England, is still found, but a number of other uncommon species have been lost in recent years, among them narrow-leaved water-parsnip, " Berula erecta ", water dropwort, " Oenanthe fistulosa ", and fringed water-lily, " Nymphoides peltata ".
  2. But on Saturday, an audacious move on an unexpectedly cloudy day here on Lake Champlain, the 108-mile body of birch-and-pine-fringed water that straddles the New York-Vermont border, enabled Newby to triumph over man and fish alike in the $ 1 million Forrest Wood Open, the last and most prestigious regular-season event on the Wal-Mart FLW Tour.

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