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  1. H " 11 meters and ?H " 500 nanometers, the expected fringe shift was " n"
  2. In order to determine if such a fringe shift took place, the interferometer was made extremely stable and the interference patterns were photographed for later comparison.
  3. Michelson expected that the Earth's motion would produce a fringe shift equal to 0.04 fringes that is, of the separation between areas of the same intensity.
  4. The number of weights added or removed provided a measure of the fringe shift . Different observers could detect changes as little as 1 / 300 to 1 / 1500 of a fringe.
  5. As no significant fringe shift was found ( corresponding to a velocity of 10?0 km / s within the margin of error ), the experimenters concluded that time dilation occurs as predicted by Special relativity.
  6. However, Alfred Potier ( and later Hendrik Lorentz ) pointed out to Michelson that he had made an error of calculation, and that the expected fringe shift should have been only 0.02 fringes.
  7. Also, the paths weren't of equal length ( they couldn't achieve that kind of precision ), rather, they looked for sinusoidal variation in the fringe shift as they rotated the apparatus.
  8. According to the previous formula, the travel length difference ? " L A "  " ? " L B " and consequently the expected fringe shift ? " N " are given by ( ? being the wavelength ):
  9. For constant ? " N ", " i . e . " for the fringe shift to be independent of velocity or orientation of the apparatus, it is necessary that the frequency and thus the wavelength ? be modified by the Lorentz factor.
  10. By making one arm of the experiment much shorter than the other, a change in velocity of the earth would cause changes in the travel times of the light rays, from which a fringe shift would result unless the frequency of the light source changed to the same degree.

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