frequency allocation meaning in Hindi

frequency allocation sentence in Hindi

आवृत्ति निर्धारण
frequency:    प्रायिकता
allocation:    निर्धारण आवंटन
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  1. HiperMAN also supports both FDD and TDD frequency allocations and H-FDD terminals.
  2. This impacted the frequency allocation block for FM broadcasting making it smaller.
  3. "' Amateur radio frequency allocation "'is done by national telecommunications authorities.
  4. Specific frequency allocations are handled by the Interdepartment Radio Advisory Committee.
  5. The IARU frequency allocations for hams in ITU Region 3 are:
  6. They coordinate and set up communication procedures, transmission schedules, frequency allocation, and communication sites.
  7. Changing the domestic frequency allocations could complicate overseas operations and relations with foreign militaries.
  8. :: Remember, other things share the 2.4 GHz frequency allocation.
  9. The system was not put into operation, due to a lack of suitable frequency allocations.
  10. Following the end of World War II, the FCC moved to standardize its frequency allocations.
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