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आवृत्ति विस्थापन चपलता
frequency:    प्रायिकता
agility:    दक्षता फुरती
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  1. NIIP claim twice the bandwidth and improved frequency agility over the BARS, and better ECCM capability.
  2. The ZAR operated in the UHF on various frequencies between 495 605 MHz, giving it frequency agility.
  3. The most common application of compound reconfiguration is the combination of frequency agility and beam-scanning to provide improved spectral efficiencies.
  4. Incorporating the moving target tracking processing system as well as frequency agility technology gives the missile system excellent capability in an electronic warfare environment.
  5. The radar generates very low sidelobes and incorporates sophisticated frequency agility in pulse-topulse, burst-to-burst and scanto-scan regimes.
  6. The Type 85, however, offered an extremely advanced ECCM system enabling the shifting frequencies on the fly, or as it is now known frequency agility.
  7. "Brute force " frequency agility, like the Linesman, was common on large early warning radars but less common on smaller units where the size of klystrons remained a problem.
  8. Areas outside the blue zones are blind ranges and blind velocities, which are filled in using multiple PRF and frequency agility . The unambiguous zone is in the lower left corner.
  9. Incorporated techniques include dual pulse frequency diversity, pulse-to-pulse frequency agility over a wide frequency band, adaptive MTI and CFAR techniques, and an advanced computerized BITE technique.
  10. Solid-state amplifiers can operate at a wide range of frequencies, unlike a klystron, so solid-state PESAs offered much greater frequency agility, and were much more resistant to jamming.
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