freon refrigerant meaning in Hindi

freon refrigerant sentence in Hindi

फ्रेऑन प्रशीतक
freon:    फ्रिऑन फ्रेऑन
refrigerant:    ठण्डाई प्रशीतक
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  1. Liquid Freon refrigerant was circulated through piping embedded in vertical cooling bars in twelve columnar sections of the machine.
  2. In later Cray-2, with its more densely packed modules, Seymour Cray had trouble effectively cooling the machine using the metal conduction technique with Freon refrigerant, so he switched to'liquid immersion'cooling.
  3. Since the US entry into the war, air conditioning systems had been serviced and the freon refrigerant was replaced by methyl chloride, a flammable gas, due to the wartime shortage of freon.
  4. He is less well known for having pioneered a field of carbon-fluorine chemistry that ultimately led to nonstick cookware and freon refrigerants; unknowingly, the composer helped to found a branch of chemistry that has unfortunately led to depletion of the global ozone layer.
  5. Commenting on its environmental impact, Pascua said that the DCS would reduce emissions of carbon dioxide which is the main cause of the " greenhouse effect, " and promote the effective management of the use of freon refrigerant which causes the depletion of the earth's ozone layer.
  6. Shortly after Columbia's takeoff on Friday from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida, engineers got indications that freon refrigerant was not flowing as planned through one of two cooling systems designed to get rid of excess heat from the shuttle's operations when the payload bay doors are closed.
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