fragile goods meaning in Hindi

fragile goods sentence in Hindi

नाजुक माल
भंगुर माल
fragile:    नाजुक भुरी-भुरी
goods:    वस्तु संपत्ति
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  1. This fragile good will began to collapse two weeks ago, at precisely the wrong moment.
  2. The clause excluded liability for loss to fragile goods unless they were declared insured according to value.
  3. For example, all paper used in the office is shredded and used for protecting the fragile goods in transit.
  4. Irish Prime Minister Bertie Ahern pledged to resolve the differences that could jeopardize the fragile Good Friday peace accord.
  5. Baye has understated, fragile good looks, a face lined with character that can be plain one minute and exceptionally attractive the next.
  6. Seven weeks after the conference, Sinn F�in declared a cease fire that paved the way for negotiations and ultimately the fragile Good Friday Agreement to share power, still in place today.
  7. Each driver has his or her own preferences for options such as choosing to make long or short distance deliveries, whether they should deliver fragile goods and how often they should participate in races.
  8. But he came with a more immediate message _ encouraging words that he hoped would be enough to prevent the fragile Good Friday Accord from unraveling and the violence that has so torn this region from returning.
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