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  1. He had his patients chew the foxglove leaf for the desired effect.
  2. The foxgloves, maybe, which were putting on a spectacular show.
  3. The heart drug digitalis, for instance, was derived from foxglove.
  4. They were bringing home some delicate purple foxgloves and bright African daisies.
  5. A respectable attempt as the foxglove reaches for stardom in Southern gardens.
  6. This sort of pruning can save foxgloves and other biennials as well.
  7. There are flowering plants such as wood anemones and foxgloves.
  8. Our Meadow View suite overlooked roses and foxglove and a carefully tended lawn.
  9. In April, catch the foxgloves, delphiniums, lilies and fragrant stocks.
  10. Common Name : Chinese Foxglove Root Prepared with Wine.

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