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• चतुर्थ पादांगुली
fourth:    चौथाई पाव चतुर्थ
toe:    पंजा पदज
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  1. Davenport's neuroma is located between the third and fourth toes of her left foot.
  2. Their toes are arranged in pairs with the first and fourth toes turned backward.
  3. With Glaus, the condition is between the third and fourth toes on his right foot.
  4. He's in disguise, but you can recognize him by the fourth toe on his left foot.
  5. The function of the muscle is to move the fourth toe medially and move the toes together.
  6. The fingers and toes have divided subdigital lamellae and the third and fourth toes do not feature webbing.
  7. These differ from the sandals worn by the Mesopotamians, with the strap between the third and fourth toes.
  8. The claws are long and straight, and the third and fourth toes are slightly webbed at the base.
  9. If the animal has even number of toes, the weight is borne equally by the third and fourth toe.
  10. _Neuromas, enlarged, benign growths of nerves, usually between the third and fourth toes, caused by bones rubbing against nerves.
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